Are you in the FLOW now? Good if you are!
What a great week for BMI Alumni Association!
BMI & ISM alumni meet in 1st (but not last!) joint tennis tournament  
On August 23, a convoy of BMI students and alumni descended on the roads connecting three historic Lithuanian capitals: Kernavė, Vilnius and Trakai.
Graduates of the BMI International EMBA programme from the past 20 years were in a great mood yesterday as they met to interact and honour recent achievers at the 2020 BMI Alumni Awards &a
Faced with unique,  worldwide threat - COVID-19, we will only survive as society by collectively extending our help (that we are capable to provide) to those who need it.
Dear members of BMI Alumni family,   Due to COVID-19 threat, annual meeting of BMI Alumni association is postponed.
Dear members of BMI Alumni family, Following the developments of COVID-19, we are POSTPONING all planned and long awaited events - GALA dinner (19th March) and Tennis tournament (21st March).
As companies adopt digital technologies and transform their business, risks of cyber-attacks have grown exponentially. During BMI Alumni Association and Microsoft joint session Microsoft Country Manager Simonas Cerniauskas and Microsoft Cyber Security Lead from Israel Yoad M.
We are pleased to invite our graduates to an upgrade session, to extend the practical knowledge you got in the BMI International EMBA Programme, and to mingle with your alumni network. Alumni Upgrade sessions are open to all BMI EMBA graduates, from Class I to the most recent alumni class.
Yesterday we had an outstanding opportunity to meet one of the most interesting business man in Lithuania today - Mantas Mikuckas, COO and co-Founder of Vinted.
Late on the last Friday in January, a group of 35 BMI alumn
Council of BMI Alumni Association has made unanimous decision on 21st November to revoke Asta Meškerevičiūtė and elect Vaiva Tylienė as President of BMI Alumni Association.
Dear BMI Alumni, The 27th November, 2019. BMI Alumni Upgrade – "Innovation strategy and enhanced managerial coordination: unleashing the creative power of complexity".
Dear all, BMI Alumni Association Council wants to thank all who took part in the 2019 BMI Alumni Tennis Tournament. 
BMI Alumni, our community has experienced so many great moments together. Let's have a look at the year of 2018.   BMI & BMI Alumni yearbook 2018 here.
For an efficient #workday the first thing is to focus on your #workplace to optimize it for your happiness and success. Leave your ordinary office on Wednesday, 12 December and open the new one at #BMI, spread your network, re-unite with your classmates.
Dear BMI Alumni members,   We are inviting to offer you a temporary work place at BMI office - 31st floor, in the center on the city – Konstitucijos av. 7, Vilnius.