20 BMI Alumni and their friends spent a great evening at Domino theater, enjoying the performance “Diena be melo” (The day without Lie).
BMI Alumni Association is proud to announce about traditional ant most important event of the year – BMI GALA 2017!  
Most likely there is no other Lithuanian large business organisation experiencing such dramatic changes in their structure, corporate governance principles and business models as Vilniaus Prekyba recently.
As BMI Alumni association continues to analyze the topic of Change Management, first of the case-study events took place at the premises of Vilniaus Vandenys (Vilnius Water Company) this Tuesday.  
Collecting of art in Lithuania is a passion, duty, mission, investment and madness. (“Meno kolekcionavimas Lietuvoje yra aistra, pareiga, misija, investicija ar beprotybė”). That was the question, which Mr.
When changes in political landscape and weather are so obvious, it was time to start at series of events dedicated to Change Management.  
On October 11, more than 30 BMI alumni, together with friends and relatives, gathered at the Mažasis Teatras (“Small Theatre”) in Vilnius for the play “Pagaliau, kieno čia gyvenimas?” (“Whose life is it anyway?), in which Nijolė Normantaitė played the main role.
It has become a nice tradition to end a clay season in Vilnius Bernardinai garden tennis courts, where 15 alumnus has gathered to celebrate nice, chilly and a bit sunny autumn Sunday while playing tennis.
  BMI Alumni asociacijos nariai, norime Jus pakviesti dalyvauti "AMRES Meno psichologijos dialogų savaitė" renginyje. BMI Alumni asociacijos nariams, dalyvavimas nemokamas! 
Close your for a minute and imagine that everything around you is organized by principles of LEAN – walls, tables, chairs. Systematic meeting room, clear charts on the walls and the clock on the wall. Computer systems, aligned objects on your table and convenient design of the canteen.
On January 28th (2014) BMI Alumni Association together with SEB Bank Lithuania held an event "Introduction of the euro in Lithuania: a tool, not a panacea" at the SEB's business support office in Vilnius.
Summer would not be summer for BMI alumni without the now deeply-rooted tradition of the BMI Alumni Summer Adventure. The 2016 edition took place July 17 and, by all accounts, was one of the most exciting and enjoyable ever.
Close your for a minute and imagine that everything around you is organized by principles of LEAN – walls, tables, chairs. Systematic meeting room, clear charts on the walls and the clock on the wall.
Candles, frankincense and music. Straight and long look into the eyes of the other meeting participants with the focus on own emotions and physical changes. Open answers to the questions "What do you really want" and "What are you longing for".
The new BMI Alumni series of meetings on new trends in HR and leadership kicked off on Wednesday. More than 20 alumni gathered at the premises of Danske Bank for a session with Jurgita Lemešiūtė-Frejienė (EMBA Class XV), an expert in recruitment, executive search and employee assessment.
Last Sunday Modus Group and CityBee organized the indicative game for BMI Alumni community.
Almost 20 alumni have gathered last Monday to Vilniaus baldai – Lithuanian listed company that during several last years managed to climb high on the list of worldwide suppliers of furniture giant IKEA.  
Alumni, their spouses and at least one younger family member came together on April 7 at the luxurious Kempinski Hotel in Vilnius for the 2016 BMI Alumni Gala Dinner. This latest edition of the traditional annual event celebrated the strong bonds that members of the alumni community share.
It was not an ordinary Tuesday last week when more than 20 BMI Alumni has gathered to the presentation by Rasa Lapinskaitė, global Process Manager in Group Finance SEB, for the second meeting about building great processes and making processes great.
BMI Alumni Annual Awards 2015 ceremony will take place during the Gala Dinner event on April 7th, 2016. Members of BMI Alumni community are invited to vote on the following nominations:   -Career of the Year 2015