Past Activities

Our fellow Alumni from Class IV, Kęstutis Lipnickas invites us for a company visit to
We are excited to invite you to the special Christmas gathering of our Alumni community. The venue of this event will be announced on December 07 to registered participants only. Save the date, register and get ready to party!
Leading Law Firm in the Baltics – Ellex Valiunas – invites BMI alumni to visit their office and participate in discussion about ESG and sustainability
How to become no. 170 in the world's Iron Men rating, having a fantastic career and a family life at the same time? Or maybe one can help you become better at the other? Our Alumni Mindaugas Rudys will share his experience managing it all, and what sports taught him about business.
A call to gather and enjoy time together! BMI Alumni Golf tournament for players, beginners and every BMI Alumnus who want to take part in this adventure.
„Dinner with an expert” event series inviting to a unique dinner in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation.
This year’s event marks the 20th anniversary of the BMI Alumni Association and it is going to be exceptional, with very special guests at the exclusive MO Museum outdoor terrace.
We invite tennis players of all levels to participate in our traditional BMI Alumni Spring Tennis Tournament. 
Who’s sowing doubt about Article 5? A briefing for CEOs on disinformation.  The topic of this event is targeted disinformation on how NATO would defend the Baltic States from a Russian attack. 
It is a lecture on what connects Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the exit of the U.S. from Afghanistan or Lithuania’s support for Taiwan. We may not realize that the world is currently facing a geopolitical turning point, which is shaping a new world.
Even amid the horror in Ukraine that has captured our eyes and our hearts, the security of personal finances and their use for investment remains important for many of us.
We’re launching a new series of BMI Alumni events called DINNER WITH AN EXPERT. It’s a great chance to engage in conversation with our guest of honour, enjoy a good meal and spend some quality time in a small group of fellow alumni.
2 seats available to participate live at the National Cyber Security Fo
Dear members of the Baltic Management Institute Alumni Association,  
Dear members and associates of the BMI alumni family,
Dear members and associates of the BMI alumni family,  
Dear member of BMI Alumni family,