Past Activities

It is a lecture on what connects Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the exit of the U.S. from Afghanistan or Lithuania’s support for Taiwan. We may not realize that the world is currently facing a geopolitical turning point, which is shaping a new world.
Even amid the horror in Ukraine that has captured our eyes and our hearts, the security of personal finances and their use for investment remains important for many of us.
We’re launching a new series of BMI Alumni events called DINNER WITH AN EXPERT. It’s a great chance to engage in conversation with our guest of honour, enjoy a good meal and spend some quality time in a small group of fellow alumni.
2 seats available to participate live at the National Cyber Security Fo
Dear members of the Baltic Management Institute Alumni Association,  
Dear members and associates of the BMI alumni family,
Dear members and associates of the BMI alumni family,  
Dear member of BMI Alumni family,
  BMI alumni team vs ISM alumni team tennis tournament 2021
Dear BMI Alumni and students,
Mielieji, Mes Jūsų pasiilgome! Tikime, kad Jūs taip pat pasiilgote galimybės saugiai praleisti laiką lauke su puikia kompanija bei pasimatyti su grupiokais ir BMI bendruomene.
Gerbiami  Asociacijos „Baltic Management Institute Alumni” nariai,
The 2nd International Alumni event
Mieli BMI Alumni, Ar žinojote, kad JAV daugiau nei 50% gyventojų prisipažino, kad yra priklausomi nuo ekrano, šie skaičiai stipriai lenkia priklausomybę nuo nesaikingo valgymo, rūkymo ar alkoholio!
Would you like to be more often in FLOW STATE, which means you FEEL the BEST and PERFORM the BEST? Then BMI Alumni Association wants to invite you to live discussion with Remigijus Savickas about FLOW Hacking.