30 Nov
Longevity: Nurturing Healthspan and Sustaining Performance

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***NEW DATE: 30th November***

Embrace sharpness and vitality with the newest scientific advancements in longevity. How can we not only prolong life but also enhance its quality? The question of the limits to the human lifespan has continually entangled with humankind. With the contributions of scientists like David Sinclair, longevity has surged back into the limelight among both the business community and the general public.
In a two-hour session, we will delve into the scientific fundamentals and the latest research exploring pathways to a lengthier, healthier life.
"Longevity: Navigating from Basics to Latest Developments and into the Future" by Vaidas Dirsė, Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Vilnius University (fields in cancer and medical genetics).
"Enhancing Performance by Optimizing Gut Health" by Šarūnas Bačiliūnas, CEO at Integral Solutions, and Dr. Aurelijus Burokas, co-founder of Integral Solutions.
The scientific discussions will be enriched by the personal findings of BMI alumna and longevity enthusiast Jurgita Kveselaitė (Class XXII).

Date: 30th November 2023
Time: Doors open at 17:30; event starts at 18:00.
Venue: Quadrum North, Konstitucijos ave. 21C., Vilnius (Venue sponsored by Newsec)
Please note that seats are limited.

Quadrum North, 2nd floor
Konstitucijos ave, 21 C

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