13 Jun
BMI Alumni Gala 2024

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Dear fellow Alumni,

Have you ever attended a British Tea Party? If you haven‘t, here‘s your chance! Well, except we‘re not in 19th century anymore and the tea is substituted for Champagne. 🍾

The BMI Alumni Galai is only two weeks away and will take place on 13 June @ "Vilniaus gynybinės sienos bastėja".

We’ll be celebrating the high achievers of our network, catching up with fellow classmates and alums, and hearing the oaths of newly inaugurated BMI Alumni Executive Club members. Like those pins everyone was getting last year? It’s not too late to get yours. 

Dress code: black tie with a touch of British tea party spirit.

Registration fees:
Until May 7:
BMIAEC Member - 50 Eur
Regular ticket - 100 Eur
Accompanying person - 100 Eur

Until June 8:
BMIAEC Member - 90 Eur
Regular ticket - 140 Eur
Accompanying person - 140 Eur

From June 9:
All - 180 Eur

*BMIAEC - BMI Alumni Executive Club member who has paid membership fee in current year.

BMI Alumni are united by the shared taste for achievements in life, be it in professional, creative or other endeavors. We’re celebrating the year's successes at the annual BMI Alumni Gala, recognising outstanding accomplishments demonstrated by members of our network throughout the year.

Your vote counts - Vote now and ensure praise goes to those, who deserve it the most!

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Vilniaus gynybinės seines bastėja
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