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Let’s take business opportunities and networking to another level: world-class Nordic Business…
The most anticipated, important, and festive annual event - the BMI Alumni Gala - is coming soon!…


05 Jun
On May 23 we had a remarkable event featuring AI expert David Timis discussing the topic of 'how generative AI can disrupt C-suite and how to adapt,' which was hosted by…
14 May
The pleasant spring days of late April brought another fantastic BMI Alumni event. This one was in Kaunas, at the Volfas Engelman brewery, hosted by a multi-talented…

Meet alumni

Meet alumni
"Lunch with BMI Alumni": A New Initiative of the Alumni Association

In order to connect BMI alumni from different classes and better utilise the full 700 member network of BMI EMBA graduates, the BMI Alumni Association has started the new unique initiative: "Lunch with BMI Alumni"

As experienced managers and entrepreneurs, we all have knowledge, unique experience and connections that could be helpful for other BMI alumni. But they may not know us personally in order to ask for advice since we tend to keep in touch mainly with members of our own EMBA group.

For BMI Alumni, we're modifying the general principle 'never eat alone', to: `never have lunch alone, and, if you have questions that could be answered by other BMI Alumni, invite them to join you at the lunch table and get the answers you've been seeking. (Lunch is on the person sending the invitation.)'

It's a win-win proposition: a bigger network for both participants in each lunch, knowledge and experience for the one inviting, pleasant interaction and free lunch for the one invited.


Here's how the process works:

1. Sign in to your profile at BMI Alumni website.

2. Find an Alumni you want to lunch with in Members list.

3. Click "Invite for a Lunch" at his/her profile.

4. Suggest the time, date and location of the lunch and send your invitation.

5. You will get an approval or a cancellation notification from the invited person. 

6. After several meetings, participants will be invited to share their experience and discoveries in the BMI Alumni website.



• To develop business and social networking opportunities among BMI EMBA graduates and students thus enhancing the quality of leadership in all areas where its members are active.

• To support BMI in the implementation of its mission: to improve the quality and culture of management in the Baltic region as a way to accelerate economic development and integration into the world economy.

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The Council

The Council of BMI Alumni Association represents the alumni in relation to promoting and managing the Alumni Association.
Employee Benefits Profesional at MMB, Marsh Lietuva, UADBB
Class XX
Consultant and Coach, TMD Partners
Class XX
Manager of Standart Products unit, Mr
Class XI

Members of BMI Alumni

Executive director at Litamilk UAB
Class XI
Based in Lithuania
Love life and responsibilities....
owner at ILT Baltic
Class VIII
co-owner at Karjeros genas, UAB
Class XV
Cyber Security Expert, IT Career Mentor, Brand ambassador…
Sales Lead at Microsoft
Class XVI
BMI Class XVI graduate
Working in Microsoft
Co-Founder & CEO at Divaks UAB
Class IV
Based in Lthuania
Experienced Business Executive in the fields of Agrifood,…

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