Wine evening with expert Arūnas Starkus starts new BMI Alumni year very well

The new season of BMI Alumni Executive Club events had an amazing start! The "Dinner with an Expert" event at Vyno Klubas with its founder – wine expert Arūnas Starkus instantly sold out.


BMI Alumni have always been curious and highly engaged on the subject of wine. This time it even promised to make us sharper. You heard that right: most of the talk was about how our brain perceives the taste of wine and its pairing with food, and how to train our senses. Over the evening, thought, the discussion ranged from grapes, regions, and the wine business, to the history of Vilnius and wine making in Ukraine.


Learning to set ourselves apart the from the “I like” or “I don’t like” attitude, we tasted and analysed several very different types of wine accompanied by even more different types of cheese, envying Arūnas not only for his knowledge and skills but also for his talent in describing the perception of aroma, taste and texture in words.


The time flew by and it seemed that we were barely starting to dig deeper... But don’t worry, there’s a lot more to come from BMI Alumni this year!