Unforgettable Experience at the Nordic Business Forum 2023

In early 2023, during the BMI Alumni Executive Club Council meeting, we conceived the idea of attending the Nordic Business Forum as a group of BMI Executive Institute alumni. Our goal was to sharpen and rediscover ourselves while participating in arguably the best business conference in the Nordics.

Fast forward, and we made it happen! Over 44 of us marked our presence, with the majority experiencing the NB Forum magic for the first time. We certainly made our presence noticed, with several BMI Alumni even being featured in the NBF after-movie.

The forum provided us with warm hospitality, much-appreciated VIP treatment, and, of course, insightful content delivered by today’s most prominent speakers.

Among them were

Sheena Lyengar, who sees the human decision-making process exceptionally clearly because she’s not looking with her eyes;

Scott Galloway, with his insightful predictions on AI and exceptional charisma;

Malala Yousafzai, whose world was once limited to the Swat Valley in Pakistan, and now her speeches light the path for the rest of the world;

Tim Ferris, entrepreneur, investor, and author, sharing his thoughts on unlocking your full potential and revolutionizing your approach to productivity.

And many more thought-provoking and inspiring researchers, business leaders, and amazing human beings.

Same place, next year? Definitely, yes!