Mini AI Boot Camp for Executives and Business Owners

“If the rate of change in the outside is higher the rate of change on the inside, the end is near...” Jack Welch

#AI cannot be longer about Why. It’s about How and What! The very first Mini AI Boot Camp for Executives and Business Owners took off last week! 🚀

Reflecting on our discussion from a year ago about how generative AI could disrupt the C-suite, we delved deeper into practical adaptation strategies. 

With our BMI alumni and colleagues active in the AI field we:

  • Covered the latest trends in AI applications in business both in Lithuania and globally;
  • Offered some hands-on experience with tools to enhance daily organizational skills;
  • Explored certain real use cases (what works and what doesn’t).

We are not stopping here. With already expressed interests by some of you, we have a forming initiative of an internal BMI Alumni AI enthusiasts group. Please let us know if you would be willing to join (not only to listen, but also contribute) by sending a note to: and      

Mega thanks to event’s contributors: Linas Sneideris, Igoris Gorbačiovas, Rimvydas Velykis, Deividas Žiūra, Aušra Visockė, David Mataciunas, Gediminas Mikaliūnas, Agnė Diana Liubertaitė, Paulius Jurčys!