Longevity: Nurturing Healthspan and Sustaining Performance
Longevity: Nurturing Healthspan and Sustaining Performance

Peter Drucker - titled the father of modern management - in his seminal 1999 book said that to be effective at managing others, we must first learn to manage ourselves.

We could argue, that with social responsibility being an ever-increasing priority, we as leaders now more than ever hold the responsibility in front of ourselves (and others who depend on us - our families, teams, and partners) to lead in a sustainable way.

And here's a zinger: perhaps Sustainable in this context also means - without sacrifice to our own health and wellbeing?

In our recent event, BMI Alumni community dove deep into the intriguing world of longevity. Desire to lead a long and healthy live is a universal trait shared by nearly everyone and we were eager to explore the latest advancements in the field.

Hosted by Rytis Valūnas (Class XVIII), the president of the BMI Alumni Executive Club, the event unfolded into a two-hour session that journeyed from the basic concepts of longevity science to the cutting-edge research and future possibilities. Rytis highlighted a curious detail: methods employed by longevity science may have negligible impact to our life span, but it holds the key to stretching our health span and enabling us to lead active and heatlhy lives even in our mature years.

Šarūnas Bačiliūnas, CEO at Integral Solutions, delved into the role of probiotics in our wellbeing, mood, and longevity, with a special focus on mental capacity. His company is at the forefront of the field, exploring psychobiotics - beneficial bacteria that influence the intricate relationship between our gut and the brain. Up for a non-alcoholic beer infused with psychobiotics?

Adding a personal perspective to the conversation, a BMI alumna and longevity enthusiast Jurgita Kveselaitė (Class XXII) shared her inspiring story. In her words, reversing ageing demands time, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to one's wellbeing. Jurgita's experience also underscored that systemic effort yields results.

Surely, our habits - usually formed over years and years - are not easily swayed by a single few hours’ session, no matter how insighful. However, we do have one major takeaway - it's worth to be more conscious of our own routines and the potential they hold in leading a longer and more fulfiling life.

We promise to come back to the subject, keep your eyes open for more events on this!

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