Longevity: From Basics to the Latest Discoveries in Medicine and Sports

On Wednesday we had an amazing opportunity to engage in exploration of extending life and enhancing its quality from both medical and physical perspectives.

Dr. Vaidas Dirsė, holding a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Vilnius University, presented "Longevity: Navigating from Basics to Latest Developments and into the Future." His talk delved into the scientific foundations and recent research on longevity, focusing on his expertise in medical genetics. Dr. Dirsė highlighted how understanding genetic factors can guide interventions that not only prolong life but also improve health quality as we age.

Audrius Kalvaitis, a professional trainer and founder of studio FORMA, explored "Longevity and Sport." As a dedicated enthusiast in the field, Kalvaitis discussed how regular physical activity and structured sports programs can significantly contribute to a longer, healthier life. His session emphasized practical advice on integrating fitness into daily routines to sustain physical and mental well-being throughout the aging process.