Behind the scenes: art valuation and protection
By the invitation of BMI Alumni Executive Club partner, BTA Baltic Insurance Company, and with a very warm welcome of The Lithuanian National Museum of Art, we had a splendid chance to meet in a bit different setting than usual – Radvila Palace Art Museum.

This was a marvelous opportunity not only to enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition but also to gain a deeper understanding of the long and hard journey art takes to end up on those walls for us to admire.

We express our gratitude to Arūnas Gelūnas, Director General of The Lithuanian National Museum of Art and Skaistis Mikulionis, Exhibition Curator, not only for sharing their unique experiences with us but also for the outstanding work they are doing in showcasing and preserving art from the war effected Ukraine.

We also thank Vitalijus Palionis, Marine and Cargo Insurance Product Manager at BTA, who shared his experience in art valuation and protection, to whom we shall thank for the safe travels of art.

Let's keep meeting in unexpected places, getting to know outstanding professionals, and sharing our experiences.